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Geopier Foundation Systems

A Geopier foundation solution can provide substantial cost savings over traditional foundation systems. The Geopier system uses Intermediate Foundation technology that fills the void between shallow and deep foundations and can take the place of traditional soil replacement methods as well.
We know that if you are contemplating building on poor or unsuitable soil, you have a lot of questions.  Peterson Contractors Inc. has the answer-- Geopier soil reinforcement.  PCI is the largest Geopier installer in the country.  No one can match our efficiency and state-of-the-art equipment.
Controlling settlement is what it is all about. PCI's staff of seasoned professional engineers and constructors can work with your difficult soil problems to give you a design/build solution to get your project out of the ground quickly and efficiently.
Even the best built structure is unstable without a solid support system.  We will determine the best support system for your needs and build it correctly and efficiently.


Geopier foundations are the answer when:

  • Deep foundations are too costly and can be safely replaced by Rammed Aggregate Pier elements.

  • Standard shallow foundations are estimated to settle excessively.
  • A guaranteed alternative is needed. One that is more conservative than standard shallow foundations and less of an overkill than deep foundations.
  • Overexcavation and replacement is impractical or too costly.
  • Differential settlements must be closely controlled.
  • Poor or erratic fill soils exist, including organic and debris fills.
  • Building expansions are required or difficult site conditions exist, including construction abutting existing buildings as well as low overhead situations.
  • Construction time is a factor as well as construction costs.
  • A Value Engineering review is authorized to improve cost effectiveness while maintaining performance standards.
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